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Electrician Staffing Agency of NorthEast Florida

We are an electrician staffing company that offers a one-stop solution to all your electrician employee requirements. Our team works with both employers and potential employees, listening carefully to the aspirations of both parties before matching vacancies and workers together. We aim to provide mutually satisfactory outcomes that see experienced, enthusiastic electricians matched with rewarding, adequately reimbursed work opportunities.

Electrician Staffing Company with Plenty of Temporary Work

If you’re a qualified electrician that’s looking for some lucrative contract work or who wants to expand their experience by working on a variety of different projects, we can help.  Over the years we have built up excellent long-term relationships with a number of employees, who return to us repeatedly when they have a new project on hand.  This means that there are always work opportunities available through us.

Temp Staffing Agency for All Your Electrician Needs

We specialize in finding high-caliber, temporary electricians who will be able to quickly slot in with the rest of the team and start producing the great results you need for success.  Our aim is to make recruitment rapid and satisfactory, finding you the workers required to get your job done, on time and for a competitive price.

Premium Electrician Staffing Agency in Jacksonville, FL

Based in Jacksonville, the staff on our books usually comes from either the local city or the surrounding area. Some are able to travel further than others, so even if you’re some distance from the heart of Jacksonville, we can still often come up with suitable employees. To find out more about what we can offer or to tell us what you’re looking for, call us at

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